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error loading some MIB from Cisco


Hi all,

I'm trying to load the Cisco wireless MIBs into Wireshark. Some of them load no problems, but two that I'm interested in give a "stopped processing module ... MIB due to errors to prevent potential crash in libsmi. These are the particular MIB's: CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-MIB CISCO-LWAPP-ROGUE-MIB

I run then through one of the online MIB analyzers, and they say that I'm missing dependencies such as: CISCO-SMI

But I'm not I have those mibs in the wireshark dir and they have loaded correctly, other MIBs that have loaded rely on these and they have loaded as well. I've checked all other syntax in the mibs and it looks ok.

How can I troubleshoot this further?

asked 31 Mar '15, 23:10

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Can you reduce your set of MIBs to the minimum required to cause the issue and then list them in your question? That might allow someone to look into the issue.

(01 Apr '15, 01:39) grahamb ♦