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IP Trace path


I captured network traffic to a certain IP address, (src: my IP, dst: - dragon's IP address) I believe this dragon's IP address is belonging to VPN. I want to know if I can get the original IP address. If it's not belonging to VPN, I want to get the travel path of this packet. Thank you,

asked 17 Apr '15, 02:44

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Chris Lin
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One Answer:


For your last question, one method is a simple traceroute. For example "tracert" in Windows will attempt to discover the IP hops between your computer and that destination.

For the VPN quesiton, if they are connecting to a proxy and you're looking at the proxy IP address, there's nothing that would inherently allow you to see the actual source. Basically you'd need to have access to that proxy to see what is talking to it.

answered 18 Apr '15, 09:16

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