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Not all sites load, what is different?


I have the problem that some webpages do not display any content but others do. Im trying to figure out where this goes wrong and made 2 captures with wireshark. Siteone form the side loading not ok and Sitetwo from a site loading just fine. -siteone -sitetwo

In both captures i get messages that the "ethernet frame check sequence incorrect". So im not sure this is a problem. Where else could i look for to determine where this goes wrong ?

asked 24 Apr '15, 04:18

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which webpages are you traing to load in 'siteone' that fail?

(24 Apr '15, 13:34) mrEEde

hi, that would be

(27 Apr '15, 23:42) disinfector

These are not txt files, but pcap files. Please adjust their extension.

(28 Apr '15, 09:02) Jaap ♦

One Answer:


Seems like pure luck. Small differences in timing allow some retransmission to come through, in one case not the other, just enough the get the complete data stream into your host. I would seriously(!) look at the quality of your cabling, connectors, sockets, etc, especially when running at higher speeds.

answered 28 Apr '15, 09:04

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Jaap ♦
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we have replaced the router with a different version. Now it is working again. Strange thing is when we replaced the router with the exact same model we got the same weir results. Thanks for the help.

(01 May '15, 07:43) disinfector