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thinking time and waiting time delay TCP


Hello, i am capturing packets on wireshark and i should calculate the simple delays between each 2 packets, for example the time between receiving a packet and sending an ack ..i need someone to clarify for me the difference between the THINKING TIME and WAITING TIME delays .

asked 24 Apr '15, 06:14

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Those terms are somewhat made up, but for example consider an ICMP ping. The originator or client sends an ICMP echo request, the target or server receives the request, thinks a bout it and then sends the ICMP echo reply, which is received sometime later by the waiting client.

So, to calculate the "waiting time", you capture at the client and measure the time between the request being transmitted and the response being received.

To calculate the "thinking time", you capture at the server and measure the time between the request being received and the response being transmitted.

answered 24 Apr '15, 06:33

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Thank you so much !

(24 Apr '15, 08:45) yas1234

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