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[closed] calculating delay between sending tcp packet and receiving ack


I am sending traffic from one computer to another and capturing the packets using wireshark, i need to calculate the waiting time between sending a packet and receiving the acknowledgment to that packet but i can't find the sending time and receiving time of each packet ..any help?? Noting that: what i understand is that the time stamp is the time at which the packet was captured not sent/received so i couldn't use it.

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This is effectively the same question as you asked previously: where the answer I gave was very similar to that which @Jim Aragon as supplied here.

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You can't find the sending and receiving times because they are not in the packets. As. You've noticed, the capture time is what Wireshark records. The capture time is the same as the receiving time on the capture system. To get the time between sending a packet and receiving a reply, you need to capture on the sending system, or as close to it as possible, so that the capture times correspond to the sending and receiving times.

answered 26 Apr '15, 14:29

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