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Why is there No RTP, SIP or other VOIP (MagicJack) captured.


I installed OrkAudio and it worked fine. A few weeks later I installed WireShark. After installing WireShark OrkAudio was broken. WireShark does not capture any voip traffic when I use magicJack. I had successfully captured telephony in the past. Not sure if the past was an earler version of WireShark or not. Win7, NIC in promiscuous mode, original (old style) MJ plugged into computer usb port. Uninstalling OrkAudio, WireShark, Pcap, and reinstalling OrkAudio and/or WireShark did not fix the problem with either program. I'm at a loss. I don't understand why WireShark does not see the voip traffic.

asked 03 May '15, 20:32

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