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Not capturing POST request of other on wifi?


i used the filter http.request.method=="POST" on wifi network.when i filled the login of unsecured website on my machine itself it displayed the POST request but when i used my android mobile to do the same it didnt show anything,...

asked 04 May '15, 03:10

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Are you capturing in monitor mode (or with an AirPcap adapter on Windows)?

Is this a "protected" network, using WEP or WPA/WPA2?

What do you see if you don't filter the display? Do you just see a bunch of "802.11" packets that are 802.11 data frames with the "Protected" bit set in the Frame Control field?

(04 May '15, 15:17) Guy Harris ♦♦

Yes i m capturing in monitor mode and if i dont apply the filter i can see a bunch of encrypted packets . And as i wrote earlier i am able to intercept post request going from the machine itself but not of others....

(04 May '15, 20:01) Money

One Answer:


Presumably the adapter is decrypting packets sent to the machine doing the capturing, but not other packets. Wireshark will have to decrypt the other packets itself; you will, at minimum, need to supply it with the password for your network, and will probably also need to capture the initial "EAPOL handshake" for the Android phone when it joins the network, for example, by turning the phone off and on again while you're capturing.

See the Wireshark Wiki's "how to decrypt 802.11" page for more details.

answered 04 May '15, 20:14

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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