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Purchasing wireshark,Pcap analysis


Hai, I am a network admin in an organisation having 15 servers and upto 350 client pc's.Our network is totally unmanaged we have a few(4) l2 managed switches at the core levels We are facing slow network issues Can u analyse our network traffic captures and Tell us the tweaks.What will u be charging us for and on what basis you are going to charge us.

asked 24 May '11, 19:16

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This is a community site, as such, people will help you with (small) issues voluntarily. No charge...

However, if you have major issues, you can hire someone to look at the problems in your network and analyze the capture files for you. I (amongst other people here) can help you with that. You can contact me by e-mail if you like. My e-mail address is in my user profile.

answered 25 May '11, 00:45

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SYNbit nailed it.

No capture files necessary. A big flat network with 15 servers and 350 clients will crawl because of broadcast traffic alone. You need at least 1 layer 3 device and probably a few VLANs.

(25 May '11, 08:21) GeonJay