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SOME/IP Frames via UDP will not be displayed in wireshark?


Hello We've got an Automotive Ethernet Gateway which is sending SOME/IP Frames via UDP peridoically (Status Frames). How could we display these frames in Wireshark? At the moment it is only possible to see the Frame by using the software package from the manufacturer of the Ethernet-Gateway.
Unfortunately, this is not efficient for our purpose, we'd like to use Wireshark!

Thanks a lot!

asked 11 May '15, 01:44

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How could we display these frames in Wireshark?

By getting the specifications for SOME/IP and, using them, writing code for Wireshark that can dissect them, or getting somebody else to write it for you.

Dissecting code can be written in C or (for versions of Wireshark that support Lua; most should support it) Lua. There's also the Wireshark Generic Dissector add-on plugin for Wireshark, which lets you specify the packet format in a descriptive language rather than writing code.

answered 11 May '15, 14:16

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