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I find out the valid packet that the wireshark not support.


When the DHCPv6 relay agent add the interface id(option 18) and the remote id(option 37) to relay forward packet, we can not find out the parsing content by wireshark after remote id. The valid DHCPv6 relay forward packet is bellow: <interface id=""> <remote id=""> <msg relay="" option="">

The wireshark parsing is bellow: <interface id=""> <remote id=""> XXXXXXX(can not parse)

asked 26 May '11, 19:27

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Hi, Can you please let me know the DHCPv6 server that you have used with option18 and option37 enabled. Also let me know the configuration of same.

Thanks, Ranjith

(25 Jun '14, 01:32) Rans

One Answer:


If you think Wireshark is in error, you should file a bug report at Include all relevant information and be prepared to attach a sample capture file showing the problem. This way the developers can track down the bug, and test the repair before releasing a new version.

answered 26 May '11, 22:22

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