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Bad SSL response from server



I would like to ask to my issue. I cannot decode the SSL packet from server. I can see that Client sent Client Hello packet. Server sent "some" SSL response. After this response SSL handshake not continue. So I don't know where could be issue. here's my pcap:



asked 20 May '15, 02:01

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Patrik Kristel
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One Answer:


Some data is missing from the capture. In the 5 Second gap between frames 5 and 6 the server has sent some data that isn't in the capture. The clue is in the message "TCP previous segment not captured" message in frame 6.

Looking at the sequence number for frame 6, it's 2725, that means 2724 bytes of data are missing.

answered 20 May '15, 03:29

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grahamb ♦
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thanks for answer, but is there any reason that some data in capture missing?

(20 May '15, 03:45) Patrik Kristel

Where did you take this capture? Span Port, Client ...

(20 May '15, 03:53) Christian_R