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Wireshark 1.99.6 for Mac OSX 10.10.3: Can´t open preferences file


After I fixed up the file system rights by Mac OSX tools I got the following error message:

Can't open preferences file "/Users/Christian/.wireshark/profiles/WLAN/preferences": Permission denied.

So my question is: What rights do wireshark need?

Directory .wireshark is 755
Directory profiles   is 755
Directory WLAN       is 755
File preferences     is 544

asked 08 Jun '15, 12:43

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One Answer:


An octal permissions setting of 544 is binary 101 100 100, or r-x r-- r--; that denies write permission to the owner of the file. Try rw- r-- r--, or 644, which grants write permission to the owner of the file.

answered 08 Jun '15, 17:33

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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Works great! Thanks!

(08 Jun '15, 22:26) Christian_R