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Slow network speed Can anyone tell me whats wrong ?


Hello I got problems with slow network.

About 15 MB/S I dont know why I get this ? I think I should'nt get all those LEN=0

I need some advice Windows 8.1 client solaris server

Thanks Casper.

asked 08 Jun '15, 14:05

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Could you provide us a trace on cloudshark or dropbox?

(08 Jun '15, 14:14) Christian_R

Another option is to upload it here, then post the URL (assuming the data is not confidential):

It's hard to speculate from the picture, except to say that those LEN=0 aren't a problem - it is very common for TCP clients to send an ACK message without bytes of payload, thus payload lengths of 0.


Note that from the TCP Ack number progress it looks like the client received 230680 bytes in a time period of 0.001355 seconds. That's at least a microburst of ~170 MB/s.

(08 Jun '15, 16:39) Quadratic