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Odd NETBIOS traffic


It is to my understanding that NetBIOS operates on port 137. I'm seeing NetBIOS traffic going from my machine to a remote address associated with an AT&T based IP address. I have that port blocked so I don't know why NBNS traffic is still showing up.

Please see below. I think this is a cause for concern.

alt text

asked 14 Jun '15, 12:26

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One Answer:


The NB name queries are broadcast packets being sent by, looking for a host named WPAD.

The NBSTAT name queries are attempts by some Windows machine on your network to try to determine the NetBIOS host name for; that's just what Windows does, at least if it's configured to use NetBIOS-over-TCP, if some program is trying to find a host name for - it might try DNS first, and fall back on NetBIOS-over-TCP if that fails, or it might even try NetBIOS-over-TCP first.

answered 14 Jun '15, 13:37

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