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Tshark Packet Comments



Is is possible to set the comment for an individual packet using tshark? I see in the man page this can be done for the capture comment with --capture-comment <comment> but is there a way to specify an individual packet by packet number?

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asked 21 Jun '15, 10:37

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No, you can't do that with tshark (not implemented). However, you can add packet level comments in Wireshark (right click a frame and choose "Packet comment") and then save the file as a pcapng to preserve the comments.


answered 21 Jun '15, 10:51

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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edited 21 Jun '15, 10:53

Thanks Kurt,

It would be great if tshark could do this, I wonder if this will be available in later versions?


(22 Jun '15, 11:42) Marv

I don't know. There is no feature "roadmap" for Wireshark. So, if you need this feature please file an enhancement but at and hope that somebody has time to implement it. I think it should be a feature for editcap, instead of tshark.

(22 Jun '15, 13:35) Kurt Knochner ♦

Had a chat with Martin about this at Sharkfest, he very kindly added this to editcap with the -a option:

-a <framenum>:<comment> Add or replace comment for given frame number


(30 Jun '15, 15:11) Marv