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Permission denied while running wireshark


I had a wireshark distribution with me. It is on linux and works well. Now I have to put this wireshark binary on a server. So I used ftp to get the wireshark directory on my server. I copied it in the /root folder.

wireshark has root:root onwership and drwxr-xr-x permissions.

When I go the wireshark directory and try to run wireshark using ./wireshark I get this error ---

-bash: ./wireshark: Permission denied

asked 03 Jun '11, 05:20

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Anything where ls reports "drwxr-xr-x permissions" is a directory - the "d" isn't a permission, it's a file type. What are the permissions on the file named "wireshark" - i.e., when you go to the wireshark directory and type "ls -l ./wireshark", what does it print?

(03 Jun '11, 20:02) Guy Harris ♦♦

One Answer:


try using sudo wireshark or sudo tshark also.. you can try gksu wireshark or gksu tshark

hope this helps, John

answered 03 Jun '11, 05:23

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Hello John,

When I do a sudo wireshark, this is what I get -->>

sudo: wireshark: command not found

(03 Jun '11, 06:20) sid

I'm not sure which version of Linux you're running, but you might try the linux distributable from On the bottom right there will be downloadable distributions based on the version of Linux you're running. I'm running it on a few Linux boxes, but they're both Debian, so I'm not sure about the other versions. sudo will run wireshark with supervisor/admin priveleges, but if it doesn't find Wireshark or Tshark applications, you'll get the error you showed above. gksu will also allow you to run the applications with supervisory priveleges. So those 2 commands will help get around a possible security/access problem. I used the Synaptic Package Manager to install Wireshark under Linux.

Sorry that didn't work for you, John

(03 Jun '11, 07:00) John_Modlin

Make sure you run sudo ./wireshark (and not sudo wireshark unless wireshark is in your path, which doesn't appear to be the case).

(04 Jun '11, 17:11) helloworld