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Unable to open or import Http Archive Files (*.har) generated by Chrome


Would be really nice to use Wireshark to inspect .har files generated by Chrome's web inspector; however an error is displayed and opening these files fails:

The capture file appears to be damaged or corrupt. (vwr: Invalid length 2105378(runs past the end of the record))

mac version 1.99.7

asked 30 Jun '15, 07:02

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A list of tools which are supporting the *.har files can be found here:

(30 Jun '15, 14:56) Christian_R

Charles Proxy v3.8.3 will load .har files but newer versions throw an error. Charles is great and all but its no Wireshark.

(30 Jun '15, 15:38) keepaustinugly

2 Answers:


What is it you'd like Wireshark to do with it? As far as I know, HAR files don't actually contain packet details really - yes they contain the HTTP request/response info, but really as higher-level meta-data, not as the real sequence of UTF-8 characters that actually comprised the HTTP layer of the packets. (not to mention it won't have the TCP or IP info) It's not really possible to reconstruct the original HTTP messages from a HAR, as far as I can tell. Am I wrong? (could be - I don't know HAR very well)

But let's say Wireshark could read the HAR file - what is it you'd like to see it show? I ask because it's possible to write a HAR file reader for Wireshark, either in Lua or C-code, but it's not clear what it should do with the info; or how it would be more useful to people than the already-available HAR file reader tools.

answered 30 Jun '15, 15:54

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That's because Wireshark doesn't support reading those files.

If you'd like Wireshark to be enhanced to read them, file a request for enhancement at the Wireshark Bugzilla, and make sure you do what Hadriel says in his reply, so that we know what you'd expect Wireshark to do with those files.

answered 30 Jun '15, 20:32

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