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How to easily build wireshark dissector plugin as dll?


Hi, I modified an unclompete Wireshark dissector plugin, i.e. I did some modifications to the already existing c-files. I neither added a new file in the plugin directory nor did I add some new includes in the c-files. I just added some missing functionality in the c-files. Now I want to build a dll file out of the source files. Is there a way to do this without installing the whole toolchain (Visual Studion, Qt, Cygwin, Python, ...) and building the whole Wireshark as described here I just want to compile the few c-files with gcc (MinGW), put them into a dll and replace the old dll with the new one.

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asked 02 Jul '15, 09:25

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Nope. You'll need to have a working build environment on Windows to build the plugin DLL. Also note you really should (must ??) use the same version of Visual Studio to build the plugin as was used to build the version of Wireshark that you wish to add the plugin to, i.e. for Wireshark 1.12.x that means Visual Studio 2010.

Building with MinGW on windows isn't supported.

Also make sure you're complying with the GPL regarding distribution and access to the sources of the plugin.

answered 02 Jul '15, 09:40

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