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how to replay the video from packets captured by wireshark


hi all......... i need to know that how can i play video stream from packets received by wireshark... actually this is tiny work of my project .... and i am using wireshark first time so i dont know if anyone can help me to find this out then plzz help..... and if there is any tool to do that than just let me know plzz

asked 07 Jul '15, 03:05

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This procedure outlines a method to take a raw Wireshark capture (over the air, or over wire) and reconstruct a video file from the captured UDP packets. Note that this procedure will not work for HDCP 2.0/2.1 protected streams.

  1. Open the capture in Wireshark.
  2. If required, decrypt the WiFi traffic.
  3. Find the UDP port for the video file transfer. In the Filter toolbar, type udp and press enter. This will display only the UDP packets. In the Protocol or Information column, look for some indication for a video transport protocol, for example MPEG-TS. Click on one of the video packet and determine the UDP port. In the Filter toolbar, apply the display filter udp.port==xxxx, where xxxx is the UDP port number.
  4. From the Main menu, select: Analyze → Decode As... → Select the Transport tab → Ensure the Decode radio button is selected → In the left side of the window, ensure a bidirectional arrow exists between the UDP ports → In the right side of the window, choose RTP → Click OK
  5. From the Main menu, select: Telephony → RTP → Show All Streams
  6. Click on the desired stream (usually there should be only one) and click "Analyze" button
  7. In the newly opened window, click the "Save payload" button
  8. On the bottom of the window, ensure Format is set to raw and Channel is set to forward
  9. Save the video stream with an appropriate file extension. For an MPEG transport stream video, use the .ts extension (e.g., video.ts)

Once the video file is saved, the video file can be viewed using a media player that supports the audio/video compression method and file format.

answered 07 Jul '15, 14:28

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9.Save the video stream with an appropriate file extension. For an MPEG transport stream video, use the .ts extension (e.g., video.ts)

What should be the video extension for h263 stream from pcap.

Regards, Venkat ramana

(31 Jul '17, 00:14) venkatramanasvr

The primary purpose of file name extensions is to tell the operating system (generally an MS-DOS based one) which application to use to open the file. So if you choose a player capable of handling H.263 and open the file from within the player, the extension should not matter, or you should be able to tell the player what is the format of the file contents. If the application (player) uses extension to identify the format of the file contents, the exact extension required depends on that particular applicaton.

Other than that, bear in mind that there are several incompatible "flavours" of H.263.

(31 Jul '17, 00:53) sindy