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On Windows, does Wireshark recognize a plug-in NIC after you plug it in?


hi there

I have an old HP laptop being used to scan servers on our network . We have recently upgraded to Nexus switches which only communicate on 1gb minimum - the HP laptop only goes up to 100mb.

I brought a USB NIC with a 1gb capability - this functions and is recognised by the Win7 OS , but when I try and sniff traffic with Wireshark(or use NMAP/Nessus,etc) , the interface is not displayed .

Anyone have an idea where I am going wrong please?

Many TIA!

asked 15 Jul '15, 03:41

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One Answer:


You need to reload WinPcap after you plugged in the USB interface. In an elevated DOS box (run as administrator), do the following:

  • close all Wireshark instances
  • run: sc stop npf
  • run: sc start npf
  • close DOS box
  • start Wireshark

You should now see the interface in Wireshark.


answered 16 Jul '15, 10:45

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Many , many thanks for coming back to me on this . Much appreciated . I will report back .

(16 Jul '15, 12:14) wiresuser

You're welcome!

(16 Jul '15, 12:44) Kurt Knochner ♦