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Multiple time showing same message name for gsm_map message


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Hi All,

We are capturing a long gsm_map messages segmented and reassembled(XUDT). But for some reason the map messages name is appearing multiple times. Please find the attached pcap trace.

My question is why Wireshark showing the same message name multiple times in Info field?

Can anyone please let me know the reason.

Thanks in advance.



asked 21 Jul '15, 09:21

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One Answer:


Is it showing the duplication only in the info column field, or is it actually showing the messages again and again in the packet details window as well? It's probably a bug. Can you open a bug for this on and attach a capture file?

answered 22 Jul '15, 17:50

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Hi Hadriel, thank you so much for your reply. It is showing in Info field as well as in the packets details field. When I highlight those messages in the packet details field it is pointing to the same HEX dump. It seems to be a display bug. As per your advise, I have raised a ticket with Wireshark (Bug 11391). And also I have uploaded a trace with the above said issue. I will update if there is any update on the ticket. Thanks.

(23 Jul '15, 03:03) iqbal

Got a reply from Wireshark team:

"Dissection is working fine with master branch, so it looks like the corresponding (maybe too intrusive?) fix did not land in master-1.12 branch. In the meantime you can use Wireshark development builds instead. "

I did verify this on Dev build and it is displaying correctly. Thanks again Hadriel.

(23 Jul '15, 04:27) iqbal