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"frame" heh, pun not intended.

I have what might be a network related issue, or it is OS related, I am unsure. I have a networking foundation, just little practical experience, and basically zero exp with Wireshark. Please be patient while I generically detail what I am experiencing, and please advise me as needed.

I have an Internet facing application that recently changed its behavior. (it is common for it to be patched) On a hardened, slipstreamed, tweaked win7proSP1(64bit) PC, this application previously would run under a USER account with no issue. Now, however, under this exact same system, under a USER account, the application complains of "can not connect."

YET! Under the Administrative account of this same system, the application runs as expected. The only change I have done was to log in under the admin account, NOTHING else. I ran this application while Wireshark was running under both accounts, and while the USER results are .. less noisy, they both seem the same. (results saved and provided upon request)

Here is the oddity the lends me to think it is OS realted. I have a similarly OS'd laptop, which has a few additional services enabled for wireless connectivity. Between the Desktop and Laptop, everything is nearly identical else-wise. The Laptop, has no issue running this same application from a USER account.

What guidance can be provided? Is this a networking issue? Is there a way using some other tool, to determine what this application is actually doing in terms of the OS relation? I apologize for my ignorance, and look forward to any assistance that can be provided. CAH

asked 24 Jul '15, 10:43

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well. I have discovered the cause of the application's woes. By insecurely rechecking Use TLS 1.0 under Internet Options now allows this, UNRELATED to web browsing, application to function as expected....

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answered 24 Jul '15, 13:28

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