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update decryption table from Lua


Is it possible to force Wireshark to reload the decryption table from within Lua code? Or other automatic means triggered by code/script.

I'm writing a small script for debugging during development, in which I've gathered the required information in order to decrypt ISAKMP packets. The information is correct, and I currently copy/paste it straight into the table through the Wireshark GUI. As such, the next step would be to push it into the table from script/code and have Wireshark update it on the fly.

Preferably I would like to avoid having to save the capture and reopen it after editing the table and restarting Wireshark.

asked 28 Jul '15, 05:36

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One Answer:


No, Lua can't do that right now - but it's a good enhancement request. Please submit an enhancement bug on

In terms of other "scripts": you may be able to set the key info through the command-line, because ultimately they're all just preferences, which can be set by using the "-o [prefname:value]" command-line switch for both wireshark and tshark. So then you can write a shell script to do so for you, though of course this means restarting wireshark/tshark each time you change the keys.

answered 28 Jul '15, 06:33

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