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Packaging Wireshark for Ubuntu


Hi guys,

I am trying to package my Wireshark code for Ubuntu. I used the dpkg-buildpackage command which game me errors.Initially I got error with dh_quilt_unpatch returning error.So I commented out --with-quilt in rules files. Then I got an error saying no dependency information found for so I added

override_dh_shlibdeps: dh_shlibdeps --dpkg-shlibdeps-params=--ignore-missing-info

and the build continues and completes.Now I have a few .deb files.My question now is

  • Will there be any consequences of me commenting out quilt and overriding dependency information later while installing Wireshark?
  • Is there are way I can build it further into a single deb file or should I install them separately using dpkg (ofcourse I can use a script) but should I install them separately?

Thanks for the help!


asked 30 Jul '15, 03:56

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edited 05 Aug '15, 00:21

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Jaap ♦

Wireshark version?

(30 Jul '15, 05:39) Jaap ♦

@Jaap I am using the latest master-1.12 from git so its 1.12.6 I think right?

(30 Jul '15, 22:42) koundi

What platform do you develop on? Debian squeeze / wheezy / jessie / sid? Or Ubuntu something?

(04 Aug '15, 02:36) Jaap ♦

I use UBUNTU 14.04 for development and testing. I installed dpkg and few other debian packages to build the binaries. I did it once and that was 1.12.3 then I had just the libz problem.This quilt problem is new.

(04 Aug '15, 22:49) koundi

Adapted the title/text accordingly.

Anyone running Ubuntu care to comment? I'm running Debian testing only.

(05 Aug '15, 00:22) Jaap ♦

@Jaap Thanks!

(06 Aug '15, 01:13) koundi
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One Answer:


Removing --with-quilt stops dh from applying Debian specific patches found in debian/patches. It might be that you've either polluted the tree with a broken build or have interfering changes in tree. If so you could clean the tree before starting the build, or maybe incorporate your changes in the quilt

As for the problems with I can see no obvious reason. You should have the libz-dev package for the build, I guess.

If you want to create a mother of debs for wireshark need to rework the control file and the package definition files.

answered 03 Aug '15, 22:24

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Jaap ♦
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@Jaap Hi Thanks for the response. I haven't changed anything related to quilt.I have made some code changes in the existing dissectors.I have added a header file and that is it. I just type make debian-package and I got the error related to quilt.I do understand it is not the correct way to do things but I had to find a solution.Also can you elaborate on "incorporate changes in the quilt"? As far as the mother of debs is concerned I am fine with the way it is right now I just wanted to confirm that this is how it was intended to be and it has not happened because of the changes I made to the build process.

(04 Aug '15, 00:56) koundi

also It installs properly on my machine and all the changes I made a working fine without any warnings or hiccups! Can you help me with the building it without making all these changes? Thanks a lot for the help! -koundi

(04 Aug '15, 00:58) koundi