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xml dissector


hi all, suppose i have a xml file of a packet and DTD for this xml file. now there is an xml dissector in wireshark (epan/packet-xml.c), Can anyone please tell me that how to use all these to dissect the xml file of a packet. Or how to use the xml dissector????


asked 07 Aug '15, 02:45

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One Answer:


The xml dissector is used to dissect/pretty print xml inside packets, it can't be used to read xml files. If you want to pars an xml based packet file you would have to write wiretap code to do that.

answered 07 Aug '15, 05:41

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Anders ♦
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thanks for reply anders, I will follow your suggestion..

(07 Aug '15, 06:16) zombimind

but i can see that there is an xml dissector(epan/dissectors/packet-xml.c) already in wireshark, can you please tell me how to use it,

(07 Aug '15, 06:20) zombimind

As per my previous answer - you can't.

(07 Aug '15, 07:06) Anders ♦

alright anders, thanks...

(09 Aug '15, 21:46) zombimind