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Network game testing via Wireshark


Hi Wireshark Experts,

How can i check/inspect the performance of my network game via Wireshark and specifically the Graphs available in Wireshark,i want to test the performance of my network game.

i see the Throughput and RoundTriptime and other graphs, the problem i m facing and the ambiguity i have is that; are those graphs reflecting or are they based on the data of my application


they are based on the overall network performance and data of that host/machine and if they are; how to set or how to get the graphs reflecting only my application relevant information,

currently i m filtering the port and ip of my client but still confused that server is showing the graph of that client to/from traffic or of overall traffic.

which kind of graphs can be helpful and relevant and give me the idea of network performance of my game? i m really newbie to networking so i m unable to decide.

i m using RMI and other network library for serialization and as netwrok layer and i want to compare the performance and delivery of data with both...

another question is it wireshark can really tell me about the performance at application layer like serialzation used or can it tell me flaws at application layer.



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You seem to have several fairly vague questions here. Have you thought about the kind of information you really want to examine? Without knowing at least what sort of information you want to look for, it will be difficult for the community to provide you with a usable answer, just like when you asked your question on SO. What performance information are you looking for? Does your application have a custom protocol you want to analyze? If you can be more specific, you will get more specific answers.

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i m now getting bored by this question everywhere,i don't know... if i m that much expert in networking why i m going to ask this questrion ...which things could characterrized the performance of a network application, the things like the bandwidth consumption and latency, the delivery and receiving of bytes/number and delay involved and here i asked specifically about the wireshark graphs are they relevant and can give me idea about all of this metrics

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One Answer:


The visualization tools provided by Wireshark relate to the packets which are present in the analyzed capture. If you can cull out packets unrelated to your game, you could reasonably expect to view statistics more or less related directly to your application.

It sounds like you already know how to capture packets and examine them using Wireshark, so at this point it becomes a slightly less straightforward task of examining that data as an expert. As recommended to you on StackOverflow, experiment with the different displays to find out how they work. Try reading the relevant sections of the manual, or check out the explanations of these features on the Wireshark wiki. If you have a better idea of how these tools work and what, specifically, you want to examine, it will be easier to use Wireshark to accomplish what you want.

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