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How can I use a XML file in my dissection plug-in?



I'm developing a plug-in for Wireshark and I have dissected headers and trailers that belongs to my protocol. Now I want to dissect the data part of the packages. For this part I have a XML file that represent a description of it. It will tell where in the data part I can find different variables, their size in bits, their unit etc. So, I have some parts of the protocol that will never change (headers and trailers) and one part that might change (the data part described by the XML file). How can I be able to access the information in the XML file in my plug-in and use it for dissection of the data part?

asked 13 Aug '15, 05:50

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There is currently no way to have dynamic dissection from any sort of configuration file, the colsest is asn2ws which can create C code from an ASN1 description with the aid of templates and configuration files. So you would have to write code from scratch to do that.

answered 13 Aug '15, 07:40

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Thanks for answering so quickly!

(13 Aug '15, 11:57) Sof