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windows 10 and win10pcap


Trying to get wireshark to run on windows 10 build 10240. Running on ASUS laptop 64 bit home version. I loaded win10pcap and then wireshark. When I run wireshark it says npf driver not running. If I try sc start npf it says service does not exist. Thanks...Brian

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asked 18 Aug '15, 20:50

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WinPcap 4.1.3 is working fine on Windows 10. Did you try uninstalling win10pcap and installing WinPcap instead?

(19 Aug '15, 02:29) Pascal Quantin

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Win10pcap does not install a driver called npf, so Wireshark complains about it not being present. If you see capture interfaces in the list you can ignore that message.

answered 19 Aug '15, 07:49

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