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[closed] No ICMP response when routing vlan traffic down another vlan interface


Hi, I have a 2 x linux box's with an 600 and 601 tagged VLAN interface connected to a tagged/trunk interface on a 10Gb/s switch allowing both VLAN's. When I route 600 traffic down 601 interface on both linux machines i can ping the 600 VLAN ip and it is being routed down the correct 601 interface. (TICK)

The moment I introduce a windows 2008 R2 Server machine and setup the same config, i can ping the Linux box from Windows but the Linux box does not get a reply back from the Server. Wirshark running on the correct interface 601 shows it's receiving the packets down the correct interface from the Linux box but Wireshark reads ping request and the ICMP header reads "No response seen to ICMP request"

Arp entries are clean and routes have been added both ends. I have also added arp entries into both tables manually but still no joy

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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