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When I am starting up wireshark, the loading screen comes up, it loads to 100% and, if I am unlucky, nothing happens. If it is not able to load, and I close the program, and try to reinstall it, then I am not able to because of the pcap programs that is running in the background. When I am trying to force kill them/it, the task manager ignore my calls. So I need to turn off and on my computer to uninstall the software so that I can reinstall it. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn't work. In other words, it is very troublesome for me to startup wireshark.

Note that I installed the software (windows 32-bit) from and I have not been having this problem with any other programs that I have used earlier. My computer has 8Gb ram and I have tried to close every program before opening wireshark without increasing my probability of a successfull startup.

Do you know what is actually happening, and what I can do to make this program work?

asked 10 Sep '15, 11:46

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From other similar occasional reports, it appears that when Wireshark queries WinPCap for the adaptor information at start-up, the calls into WinPCap hang.

I can only suggest trying to remove WinPCap using Add\Remove Programs (make sure you've killed all instances of dumpcap.exe first), reboot and then reinstall WinPcap using the install from WinPCap.

answered 10 Sep '15, 12:33

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At least I am able to open it now, I'll come back and give a message if the problem returns.

(10 Sep '15, 13:32) mcNogard

I'm not using wireshark so often, so that is the reason why I came back so late. The problem returned, just wanted you to know.

(04 Oct '15, 05:47) mcNogard