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Wiki Article “CaptureSetup/USB” needs an update


Some information is wrong:

  • "The latest libpcap from the main Git branch is required..." -> libpcap 1.1.1 or newer would be correct.
  • Setup for Linux >= 2.6.21 : Not only "mount -t usbfs /dev/bus/usb /proc/bus/usb", I also needed a "modprobe usbmon"
  • "8. On Linux, startup a USB-enabled version of Wireshark" -> "8. On Linux, startup Wireshark..."

Is this the right place for my tip ?

asked 08 Oct '10, 04:50

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The setup is probably more complicated than that.

For example, libpcap 1.1.1 will first try scanning /sys/bus/usb/devices for devices, and will only scan /proc/bus/usb if it can't open /sys/bus/usb/devices.

In addition, as Gerald noted in answer to your earlier question, he was able to capture from usbmon1 on Ubuntu 10.04 (Linux kernel 2.6.32-24) without having to do anything special.

What needs to be done may differ from kernel version to kernel version and might differ from distribution and distribution version to distribution/distribution version.

(08 Oct '10, 19:31) Guy Harris ♦♦

One Answer:


Well, it's a Wiki, by definition a resource to be edited by the community. So go ahead and hack it yourself; but "Please don't pee in the pool".

answered 08 Oct '10, 05:28

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Jaap ♦
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Now it's done.

(09 Oct '10, 11:36) Gerd