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Problems installing Wireshark on Windows 10


When attempting to install Wireshark 1.12.7 on Windows 10 x64 I am getting an error when the program attempts to begin installing a box pops up that says there is an error reading "Error opening file for writing: C:\Program FIles\Wireshark\uninstall.exe Click abort to stop installation, retry to try again, or ignore to skip this file."

When I click abort the installation stops, when I click retry the window just pops up again and when I click ignore the exact same window pops up except with the name of the next file the installer is trying to write.

Please help!

asked 14 Sep '15, 06:45

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Looks like a process is interfering. Did you try to install it with your antivirus / security software deactivated? because fore installing, do you confirm that you do not have any Program Files\Wireshark folder (that could remain from a previous installation attempt)?

answered 14 Sep '15, 10:23

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Pascal Quantin
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I tried that and it didn't work, but that's OK because it led me to the solution. I just had to run the installer as administrator, which I guess exactly what you suggested. Bypass firewalls and anti-virus.

Thanks for your suggestion!

(14 Sep '15, 10:52) bentoj