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Disable auto-updates - silent mode or during the installation


Hi guys,

In my company, we are managing software and patches by Kace. So I need to disable WireShark auto-updates of all machines, remotely.

There is an option[parameter] to put during the installation or something I can do to disable the auto updates?

-- I created a GPO that changes a registry key to turn off autoup dates for Wireshark:

Hive    Key Path    Value Name  Value Type  Value Data  Base

Wireshark HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software\Wireshark\WinSparkle Settings CheckForUpdates REG_DWORD 00000000 Hexadecimal

The registry has been modified ok in my computer so the GPO works. However I still see a pop up window when I start Wireshark saying there is a new version available. This only happens the first time I open it… Then it doesn’t happen until I open it again the next day or after a while…

asked 16 Sep '15, 01:56

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One Answer:


When looking at Wireshark source code, I can see that it activates the automatic update in WinSparkle configuration based on the gui.update.enabled parameter found in the %APPDATA%\Wireshark\preferences file. This will change the CheckForUpdates registry setting.

Right now we do not have an installer switch making it configurable. Moreover the Wireshark preferences file is not created until the program is launched for the first time. So it's kind of egg and chicken problem. And changing the registry key will not prevent the user from launching manually an update verification through the web GUI.

You might want to fill an enhancement bug to to have this functionality integrated in a future release. For now the only way would be to recompile and distribute Wireshark without the auto updater feature.

answered 16 Sep '15, 02:53

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Pascal Quantin
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