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capture filter syslog


Hi All,

How can i filter packets using "capture filter" to filter syslog packets ?


asked 20 Jun '11, 02:52

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One Answer:

$ egrep -i syslog /etc/services
syslog          514/udp #

so try "udp port 514" or "udp port syslog".

answered 20 Jun '11, 11:35

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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[[email protected]:Active] / # grep syslog /etc/services

syslog 514/udp

syslog-conn 601/tcp # Reliable Syslog Service

syslog-conn 601/udp # Reliable Syslog Service

[[email protected]:Active] / #

So you might want to use the filter "udp port 514 or port 601"

(22 Jun '11, 04:12) SYN-bit ♦♦

Note that the Reliable Syslog Service, as specified by RFC 3195, is very different from traditional syslog; it runs over BEEP, which runs over TCP.

While Wireshark has a BEEP dissector, it doesn't specifically know about the Reliable Syslog Service, so it might not dissect that as desired.

(23 Jun '11, 10:32) Guy Harris ♦♦

OK, learned something today, I did not know there was the BEEP protocol in between, actually, I did not know the reliable syslog service was more than just syslog over TCP.

On my NetScreen I can use syslog over TCP, but by default that uses port 514 as it turns out. I did not check the port before on my NetScreen, so I just grepped in my virtual F5 box (on which I was logged in anyways) and assumed 601 was for syslog over TCP.

So all-in-all one might want to capture with "port 514 or tcp port 601" :-)

(23 Jun '11, 12:19) SYN-bit ♦♦