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No copy option for iograph in v1.99?


Previous versions of wireshark you could copy the x,y values in csv style from the iograph feature, to use in other graphing software. That button has been removed in version 1.99, and I can't find similar functionality elsewhere in wireshark. Has this function been removed?

asked 18 Oct '15, 14:59

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One Answer:


It's still present in the GTK+ code, but it's absent from the Qt code; the default UI toolkit for 1.99/2.x is Qt, so it's not present in the default versions of Wireshark.

Please file a bug on this on the Wireshark Bugzilla, so that the lack of "Copy" functionality is recorded.

answered 19 Oct '15, 01:48

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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(19 Oct '15, 02:06) fruglemonkey

Thanks, ended up using the GTK version and it was present as you said.

(19 Oct '15, 15:04) fruglemonkey