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How do I use wireshark to find the Source URL/m3u values of ‘http.ts’'- streams, found online that have live TV Channels as their content?


Hi everyone, I am a fresh noob to wireshark though competent to follow direction and take guidance to tackle this task if anyone would be so very kind to help a wireshark-noob?? I have come across a list of streams in 'http -/- .ts' format and urgently need your expert-assistance on how to use wireshark to find the source link, token and whatever else is needed to play and sustain these streams to be used in an m3u/8 list either in VLC or kodi.

If a list guide for assistance could be given i would very much appreciate i and if some tips on filtering the information for this file type to find the source and teach how to create the file in the first, i would be eternally grateful in-deed.

asked 19 Oct '15, 17:13

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