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DNS Service Response Time


Hello all. Firstly, thanks for a brilliant piece of software: The Swiss Army Knife of the network engineer's toolbox.

My question is generally, how do you create a new SRT measurement tool? Specifically, is there one/could there be one for measuring DNS response (time between a query/response pair)? Or is there an easy way to achieve that anyway via some other means, for DNS?

Thoughts appreciated please. Thanks, Greg - Wireshark novice

asked 03 Nov '15, 04:21

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One Answer:


Wireshark already calculates the time between the query and the response, if both packets are present in the trace. The field is dns.time. Of course, this is the time between the request packet and the response packet at the capture point, which, if the capture was not done at or near the client, may not be the time between when the request was actually sent by the client and when the response was received by the client.

answered 03 Nov '15, 06:41

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Jim Aragon
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