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All connection attempts to TCP server fail on timeout for unknown reason


Hi all, newbie here so sorry in advance.

I have a Java server serving Android devices via TCP sockets. All seems well enough until at some uncertain point all attempts to open a new TCP socket to the server fail on timeout.

I have a .pcapng capture I recorded using WireShark, but all my attempts to investigate what it implies have been for naught. I will appreciate any insight you can give me, even if it's just a piece of the puzzle.

The link to the .pcapng file: here

Edit: So sorry I meant to write this and forgot: please filter by tcp.port==8888

The server ip is:

asked 04 Nov '15, 13:55

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Can you tell us the following infos: Server IP ?, Server Port ?

(04 Nov '15, 14:10) Christian_R

Edited into my question. Thanks!

(04 Nov '15, 14:22) Nom1fan

2 Answers:


Well as you can see at the picture:
The session to the Port 8888 all got no response to the SYNs. Maybe it is, because the Server IP in the Trace is the and not the
alt text

answered 04 Nov '15, 14:41

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I am not sure I understand. The server is I think because I ran the WireShark on the server itself. And on the DHCP of the server itself its internal ip is defined as The external ip is

This is the definition on the router config:

Server's MAC Address | Static internal ip

-------------------- ------------------


Not sure if this can affect anything or not but I thought I should mention it anyway.

Also consider everything can work well for a day or even days and then suddenly this happens. So what can possibly cause this?

Thanks again!

(04 Nov '15, 22:24) Nom1fan

So you also setup NAT with port forwarding?

(04 Nov '15, 22:47) Jaap ♦

I have port forwarding rule for port tcp 8888 if that is what you mean. As I said it works for a long time at first (I believe if there wasn't a port forwarding rule it would have been blocked by the router and never work in the first place).

(05 Nov '15, 00:42) Nom1fan

Please check the firewall on Looks like it blocks connection attempts to port 8888. And no: The argument, that it worked yesterday does not count ;-))

(05 Nov '15, 01:19) Kurt Knochner ♦

I don't mean "yesterday" :) I mean even if I just restart the server it works again! On windows firewall I have both inbound and outbound rules allowing 8888 and as I said also on the router config I have port forwarding for 8888.

So why is this happening? :((

(05 Nov '15, 09:11) Nom1fan

Can You upload a good try?

(05 Nov '15, 09:26) Christian_R

Sure thing, here it is: Good try

(06 Nov '15, 03:06) Nom1fan

In the BAD try an EXTERNAL IP SRC is used with the MAC SRC: DLink... alt text

In the GOOD try an INTERNAL IP SRC is used with the MAC SRC: DLink... (same Mac as at the bad try) alt text

(06 Nov '15, 04:11) Christian_R

So from what I understand, between the good and the bad tries the server's ip seems different? Once (bad) it appears as external ip ( and the other (good) it appears as internal ip (

Are you sure this can be the cause of the problem? here is another link to a good try, which I believe the server's ip seems external: 2nd good try

P.S Not sure if this is related but I am using a dns client (DUC) on my server to map my server's ip to a constant host.

(06 Nov '15, 06:58) Nom1fan

In the second trace I can see the same addresses like yesterday. But today they work. DNS should have nothing to do with it. - If you took the trace at the server, then I would check the logs of the server. - check fw config - and as @Kurt mentioned is there another adapter or WI-FI adapter at the system?

(06 Nov '15, 10:08) Christian_R

I have only one router so only one wi-fi adapter, nothing else.

(06 Nov '15, 11:39) Nom1fan

Hm I what I meant was: Is there only one NIC at the server? If yes then it is O.K.

Maybe it is the Firewall software at the server?

(06 Nov '15, 12:16) Christian_R
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O.K. I repeat my advice ;-))

Please check the firewall on Looks like it blocks connection attempts to port 8888. And no: The argument, that it worked yesterday does not count ;-))

Please take a look at the pcap file tcp_retrans.pcapng and apply the following filter.

(tcp.flags eq 0x02 and ip.dst eq or (ip.src eq and tcp.flags.reset eq 1)

You will see, that ALL connections (from the internet and the local network) to are being 'dropped' (SYN resend). There are some TCP RESETs for port 80 and 443, but not for any other port.

I see the following possible reasons for that behavior. Most likeley reason at the top!

  • There is a Firewall (or any other security software) on (Windows Firewall) that blocks all connection attemps to However I can't explain why it works for -> Maybe you once added a rule for exactly that combination (pop-up in Windows - "Do you want to allow ....").
  • The system has multiple Interfaces in the same network and sends the SYN-ACK out another interface, where you did not capture the traffic (run ipconfig /all to check).
  • There is a strange bug in the TCP stack and/or driver that prevents the packets reaching the OS (unlikely)

On windows firewall I have both inbound and outbound rules allowing 8888 an

Please disable the Windows Firewall for a test or any other security software installed on (like AV, VPN client, Endpoint Security, etc.). Most likely the problem will then be gone.


answered 06 Nov '15, 09:30

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Hi Kurt,

Thanks a lot for the detailed response! I extremely appreciate your help!

I will try to reproduce the issue and then try to disable Windows Firewall, AV, etc one by one to see which is the culprit.

(06 Nov '15, 11:36) Nom1fan