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Wireshark Flow Chart / IP information missing


Hi folks,

I downloaded Wireshark (today), watched youtube tutorials, captured traffic and tried to generate a flow chart.

But... there are no ip addresses/hostnames above the flow chart, as there are in screenshots or videos of previous versions. Is there a bug/change?

Should not a flow chart contain the information which ip addresses were involved during communication?

missing ip addresses

I tried with Windows and Mac version - no difference. Please advice.

With best regards dm7

asked 24 Nov '15, 16:36

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One Answer:


You have tried the latest stable build 2.0.x and apparently it's either not implemented or there is still a bug.

Please try 1.12.8 (old stable) and you'll see the IP addresses.


answered 24 Nov '15, 16:54

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Seems to be a bug in wireshark QT. wireshark V2 'legacy' still shows the IP addresses

(24 Nov '15, 21:54) mrEEde

This is a known missing feature tracked by

(24 Nov '15, 22:51) Pascal Quantin