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Can’t turn monitor mode on in Wireshark 2.0 on OS X 10.7.5


Sadly I'm getting the same problem as in this question on 2.0.0-g9a73b82 on OSX 10.7.5 (Wireshark 1.12.x was working fine with monitor mode capture).

asked 14 Dec '15, 02:42

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I.e., if you select the Options item from the Capture menu, the entry in the list for your Wi-Fi adapter has "disabled" in the "Monitor Mode" column - note that you might have to scroll that list horizontally to see that column - and if you double-click "disabled", it doesn't let you select "enabled" from a drop-down list of "enabled" and "disabled"?

(14 Dec '15, 10:20) Guy Harris ♦♦

Furthermore - - as the OP said - 2.0 didn't do monitor mode - 1.12 did - 2.0 coudn't be uninstalled - - 2.01 says it installed but is not there - even though 2.0 was thrown away - 1.12 cannot be re-installed Wwe were told at Sharkfest you could have both 1 and 2 -

(31 Dec '15, 12:49) packetlevel

Update - 2.0.1 installed, sees interfaces But will not do monitor mode 1.12.9 which used to work fine, will not install on OS X

The error "Unable to set data link type on interface 'en0' (EN10MB is not one of the DLTs supported by this device)." is displayed.

(03 Jan '16, 09:25) packetlevel

What do tcpdump -i en0 -L and tcpdump -i en0 -I -L print?

(03 Jan '16, 12:46) Guy Harris ♦♦

One Answer:


This is probably bug 11364.

answered 03 Jan '16, 13:12

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