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Wireshark 2.0.0 GeoIP paths point to the file instead of the directory


The settings in Wireshark want you to locate the exact files for GeoIP name resolution, instead of the path. I couldn't figure out why the GeoIP paths weren't working on my Windows server. I edited the geoip_db_paths file manually to point to the directory instead of the exact path to the file, then things worked fine.

So yeah, maybe this is just an issue specific to the Windows distro.

asked 23 Dec '15, 11:34

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Was your intention to extend the Q&A with this topic (so it is a self-answered question) or did you actually want to file a bug?

(23 Dec '15, 12:10) sindy

Ah, sorry. A bug report would be fine.

(23 Dec '15, 12:25) RyzaJr

If you feel like filing the bug yourself, do it here, otherwise let me know and I'll do that. When I had a look at what you were actually talking about I've realized that I've come across the same issue (the file selector not allowing you to choose a directory) when trying to set something else.

(23 Dec '15, 12:42) sindy

Alright, posted it myself. Thanks.

(23 Dec '15, 13:11) RyzaJr

One Answer:


This bug has already been fixed and will be part of the upcoming 2.0.1 release. You can grab a pre release here

answered 23 Dec '15, 23:51

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Pascal Quantin
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