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Have Wireshark realy an Trojaner/KeyLogger ?!!


Hello, i have maked an virus/maleware test --->

An Virustotal have found an (Trojan.Keylogger.Win32.46401) Have Wireshark realy an Trojaner/KeyLogger ?!!

asked 25 Dec '15, 16:09

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No, only Zillya as one out of fifty-three scanners used by VirusTotal gives an indication of a malware. Did you consider this could be a false positive? Isn't this is precicely what you use VirusTotal for? To get a varied evaluation of the target to be able to avoid false positives/negatives? They even say it themselves: "Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use." I expect their signature database will be updated eventually (it's at 20151215 now) and then you can try again to see what happens.

answered 26 Dec '15, 02:14

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I agree with Jaap.

(28 Dec '15, 04:42) thetechfirm

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