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Change the GUI language


Hi Support-Team,

after upgrading to the version 2.0.1 the language of the GUI has been changed from english to german. I found no option via "Settings" to change the language back to english. Pls. let me know how it is possible to change the GUI language. Many thanks!


asked 04 Jan '16, 02:03

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One Answer:


From the Edit (Bearbeiten) menu, -> Preferences (Einstellung), in the Appearance (Darstellung) item (or Ctrl + Shift + P), the bottom droplist sets the Language (Sprache). By default I think it follows the System Setting (Systemeinstellung verwerden).

answered 04 Jan '16, 02:32

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grahamb ♦
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Hi Grahamb,

perfect. Thank you!


(04 Jan '16, 02:52) soulbrother


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(04 Jan '16, 03:14) grahamb ♦