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[closed] time interval of each packets during re transmission


I have an application which runs on master PC and receives data from number of slave controllers in certain time interval.

I have an issue with re transmission time interval for the lost packets from Slave to Master.

When the Packets are lost while they are transmitted from Slave to Master, The lost packets are re transmitted for every one sec according to the wireshark log.

But during the normal transmission, something around 10-15 packets are transmitted with in fraction amount of time.

Actually the first lost packet gets re transmitted after one sec which is fine but subsequent packets get retransmitted in every one sec time interval which is not acceptable in my case.

So please advise me if I can configure the time interval of each packets during re-transmission .

asked 05 Jan '16, 06:50

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closed 05 Jan '16, 07:56

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Bill Meier ♦♦

This is not a wireshark-related question;

You will need to contact whomever provides the software for the "slave controller".

(05 Jan '16, 07:55) Bill Meier ♦♦