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Creating Profile in Wireshark 2.0.1


The current Wireshark 101 book uses a downloaded zip file to create the "HTTP-DNS_Errors" profile. The process has apparently changed in Wireshark 2.0. Looks like you have to use the "Profile Copy" icon next to the "+" and "-" symbols at the bottom of the Wireshark Configuration Profiles window to create a profile from the Default profile. (Right click on "Profile" on the right side of the Task Bar and then left-click on "Manage Profiles".) This will provide a "recent" file in the user profile folder. You can then manually copy the 3 unzipped book configuration files into the new user profile. Without a valid "recent" file in the new folder, Wireshark goes in to a "Not-responding" mode and hangs forever. The same is true if you try to create a "Troubleshooting" or "wireshark101" profile in the user profile directory. I'm guessing you have to do the same thing for any other new profile that you want to create from the Default profile.

Am I missing something here?

asked 06 Jan '16, 22:41

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Sounds like a bug. File this as a bug on the Wireshark Bugzilla, with a title such as "Wireshark hangs with a profile directory with no recent file", and with the file as an attachment. Give the full sequence of steps used to reproduce the problem, including both operations performed in the Wireshark GUI and performed at the command line or in your OS's file manager (Windows Explorer, Finder, etc.), in the order in which they're done.

answered 07 Jan '16, 02:12

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