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how to convert .cap to .pcap


Hi there I have over 300 cap files that some that had been generated. I'm looking to use network miner to analyse these files, the only trouble is network miner can only read pcap captures. I know you can re save a cap to pcap, but i dont want to do this 300 times. Is there a way to convert cap to pcap in a batch? or merge all 300 together in a batch then re save the unified batch to pcap??

asked 10 Jan '16, 12:49

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Kenny Kev
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What is the intend of removing the question?

(11 Jan '16, 02:06) Jaap ♦

I've reverted that change.

(11 Jan '16, 03:08) grahamb ♦

What is the intend of removing the question?

maybe, homework and the fear to get caught ?!?

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One Answer:


You can use editcap in a script.

editcap -F pcap input.cap output.pcap

If you loop over the files in a script, you can automatically convert all files.


answered 10 Jan '16, 13:01

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see the link in my answer. (loop over files...).


for /r %i in (*.cap) do editcap -F pcap %i %i.pcap

(10 Jan '16, 13:05) Kurt Knochner ♦

The examples are in my answer and my comment. What exactly does not work? Any error messages?

BTW: editcap is probably not in your PATH variable on Windows, so you'll have to start it with

"c:\program files\wireshark\editcap"


"c:\program files (x86)\wireshark\editcap"

(10 Jan '16, 14:26) Kurt Knochner ♦