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Preamble with MAC-LTE Dissectors


Hi, Wireshark,

I use wireshark version is 2.0.1 now.
want to use MAC-LTE dissector, Preference Settings: Try Heuristic LTE-MAC framing over UDP.
When send a RACH Preamble (msg1), fill length = 0, wireshark appeared: exception occurred.(other mib,sib is ok).

I reference: on attachment:mac-lte1.png, the first message that I want to achieve, could you provide corresponding .pcap file for my reference.

thanks, regards.

asked 12 Jan ‘16, 04:49

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could you please fill a bug in our bugtracking system? I'm the developer maintaining the MAC-LTE dissector and I will have a look a t it as soon as you have a pcap file.

If for whatever reason you could not access our bug system, please post here the pcap.

Edit: bug is now fixed, starting from v2.1.0rc0-1455-gb65d30d and v2.0.2rc0-34-g1b4997c. You can download pre releases from

answered 12 Jan '16, 04:56

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Pascal Quantin
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Hi,Pascal Quantin,

thank your reply, I cann't access the bug system, and I still can not confirm this is a bug, please help me here.

I need:, attachment:mac-lte1.png corresponding .pcap file, if you can provide to me, I can first analyze the problem. or provide a include RACH Preamble (msg1)'s pcap file.

many thanks, regards.

(12 Jan ‘16, 06:08) chengjingwei

many thanks for your reply.

(12 Jan ‘16, 06:09) chengjingwei

I was able to reproduce the issue myself and pushed a patch here:

(12 Jan ‘16, 06:25) Pascal Quantin

Hi,Pascal Quantin,

attachment:mac-lte1.png, as follows, I need to construct the first message(RACH).

alt text

(12 Jan ‘16, 06:28) chengjingwei

need to update code? I always think the issue is my own configuration parameters. I used Windows Installer (64-bit) 2.0.1, OS is windows 7 64bit. How to operate, I get code does not work.

thanks, regards

(12 Jan ‘16, 06:36) chengjingwei

Please see my updated first reply. The screen capture from the wiki was taken before the exception issue you are seeing was introduced

(12 Jan ‘16, 06:36) Pascal Quantin

Wait a few hours and you should have a new Windows 64 bits pre release of Wireshark 2.0.2 here:

You should take an installer that is v2.0.2rc0-34-g1b4997c or later.

(12 Jan ‘16, 06:47) Pascal Quantin

ok. the issue is trigger an exception in case of oob event.

Tomorrow I will go to the company to verify the new version, the problem should be solved. thank you, you are too professional.

(12 Jan ‘16, 06:50) chengjingwei
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