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Can i see all traffic on WIFi?



I have two laptops and one router. On first laptop i use Windows 7 64 bit with Wireshark and second laptop is Mac. I wanted to make some project for my school and i need to see all traffic on network. It's open network without passwords (like in shops) so i wanted to write project on security topic and how someone could see your activity on network. For that i need to see all activity on network. Sorry for my bad English and if you could help me i would be very grateful.

asked 13 Jan '16, 09:40

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See the Wiki page on Wireless capture setup for details on how to capture. You might then also need to look at the wireless decryption page to inspect the traffic if it's encrypted.

Note that wireless traffic capture of other devices is problematic on Windows. You should be able to do that on the Mac though.

answered 13 Jan '16, 09:45

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grahamb ♦
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Okey, i tried on Mac OS X but nothing happen. It couldn't run monitor mode and it show some EN10MB problem. I don't know what to do now.

(13 Jan '16, 10:41) WiresharkHTTP

Did you follow the appropriate steps for your version of OSX?

You'll need to be a lot more specific about the issues you see to allow folks to help.

(13 Jan '16, 15:20) grahamb ♦

He's probably running into bug 11364.

(13 Jan '16, 15:24) Guy Harris ♦♦

This is the error what i get when i run wireless connection capture with monitor mode in wireshark.

(17 Jan '16, 03:51) WiresharkHTTP

@WiresharkHTTP, if you'd read the comments to the bug @Guy Harris has referred to, you'd find out that to overcome the issue, you may either use the legacy GUI or follow @Christian_R's answer to this question about the same issue when using the "new" GUI.

The step

do not forget setting the Link Layer to Per Packet Info

is the most important one.

Or you may wait until the functionality gets added to the Qt GUI, but something is telling me you'll rather choose one of the options above ;-)

(17 Jan '16, 04:29) sindy

This is the error what i get when i run wireless connection capture with monitor mode in wireshark.

That's bug 11364, as I thought.

(17 Jan '16, 11:14) Guy Harris ♦♦

Thank you guys. I did it well. I didn't see that step and i just passed to next. :)

(19 Jan '16, 13:31) WiresharkHTTP
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