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Getting build error: “NMAKE: fatal error U1077: ‘..\tools\’: return code ‘0x1’


I haven't made build for awhile and just doing the build which I was able to do successfully in the past, but gotten the above NMAKE error with some '..\tools\' Please suggest. thank you

asked 15 Jan '16, 14:49

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Firstly, you should move to a CMake build as detailed in the Developers Guide, support for Nmake may be dropped in the next release.

It would help to have a little more context, but is a python script that converts the file to ps.c, and relies on nmake being configured with a valid path to python in the $(PYTHON) variable.

What version of python do you have installed, and do you have any changes in config.nmake to identify that version of python?

answered 15 Jan '16, 15:19

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grahamb ♦
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I verified that the PHYTON is version 2.7 and the config.nmake supposed to support this version and it has the correct path. I did not change the config.nmake. But noticed that while doing nmake -f Makefile.nmake all when it comes to tools\ ps.c .. there's a window popped up asking which program to choose to open this file. As if it did not know where this Python is. After manually directing to the correct location, the build seems to continue but at the end still get build error at c1: fatal error C1082: Cannot open source file: 'ps.c': No such file or directory. I re-installed the PYTHON 2.7.8 same version I had before and that seems to resolve the issue. thanks for your help.

(16 Jan '16, 07:58) christenmu

Likely that somehow your original python install was non-functional, and installing the newer version fixed that.

(16 Jan '16, 14:18) grahamb ♦