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Change Profile Configuration directory/location


This may have already been asked and answered, but I cannot find the answer I seek, anywhere.


I have multiple PC's running Wireshark, and want to share the profile configurations across all of them. I know that I can go to [Help | About | Folders] and copy them from one PC to another, but what I would really like to do, is change the directory (folder) where those configurations are stored to be in my Dropbox directory. This way, when I make a change on one PC, it is synchronized to all of my PC's.

So, is this possible or would it be something to just add to the wishlist?

Thanks in advance, and apologize if been asked and answered somewhere else.


asked 20 Jan '16, 17:50

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One Answer:


If you run Wireshark with the "-P persconf:path" parameter you can set the personal configuration file path, e.g if your Wireshark Dropbox directory is at d:\dropbox\wireshark:

wireshark -P persconf:d:\dropbox\wireshark

answered 20 Jan '16, 18:16

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Jasper, thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for.

(20 Jan '16, 18:41) Rooster_50

When opening files directly by double-clicking on them (which I do a lot) it doesn't use this path. Another method I've used is to move your files to a new folder then right-click on the Wireshark preferences folder, select properties, and change the location of the folder to your new location. Essentially, I turn the Wireshark folder into a shortcut to the actual location.

(06 Oct '17, 09:02) csereno